Individual Sessions

Initial Appointment - Your initial appointment at Student Counseling Services is an opportunity for you to talk with a counselor about the concerns that led you to make an appointment. Your counselor will ask questions about your current difficulties, any physical or emotional symptoms you may be experiencing, and your personal history. At the end of this meeting, you and your counselor will explore options for addressing your concerns. While most students continue working with this therapist for individual sessions, other possibilities involve referral to another therapist on staff who specializes in your area of concern, to a therapist off-campus who can provide longer-term therapy, for group therapy, for psychiatric evaluation or medication evaluation, as well as to other resources on campus or in the community.

Individual Therapy - During your individual sessions, you and your therapist will talk about ways to address your concerns and help you find relief from the discomfort that led you to seek help. MSU Student Counseling Service uses a brief therapy model and may refer some students for services with local providers if longer-term therapy is needed.