Frequently Asked Questions

All currently enrolled MSU students (unless they are benefits-eligible MSU employees) are eligible to receive our services as recommended after their initial assessment with a clinician.

  1. What about confidentiality at the Student Health Center?
  2. What are the MSU Medical Requirements for admission?
  3. Who can use the Student Health Center?
  4. What are the Student Health Center hours?
  5. Where are you located?
  6. What about parking and parking tickets at the Health Center?
  7. What do I do when you are closed?
  8. Do I have to carry the Student Health Insurance to use the Student Health Center?
  9. What about costs?
  10. Are there any physicians at the Health Center?
  11. What do my student fees pay for which are directed to the Health Center?
  12. Do I need to show my ID each time I check in?
  13. Can the Health Center take care of most medical conditions/problems or do they refer patients out?
  14. Can I have a prescription that is written by a physician outside the Health Center filled at the Health Center Pharmacy?
  15. What about my yearly physical?
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  17. Who are the ADD Testers?
  18. What is ADD ADHD Patient Information?

All medical records and patient visits are completely confidential. Records cannot be released to anyone without your written authorization. The only exception is when a record is subpoenaed by court order or required by public health law. Medical confidentiality requires that we have your written permission to discuss your treatment with anyone.

  • Notice of Privacy Practices
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    All currently enrolled students and their families, University faculty and staff and families who do not have a local physician. Student Health Center does not accept children under twelve years of age.
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    Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, & Friday, 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM
    Thursday, 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM [closed 8:00 - 9:00 AM]
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    On the MSU campus, we are on the corner of Hardy and Morrill Road, directly across from the Hand Lab.
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    Patient parking is reserved parking directly behind the Student Health Center. If you receive a ticket while being seen at the Student Health Center, please take your ticket to the cashier at the Student Health Center for proper confirmation of this fact. In turn, she will cancel the ticket with the Parking Services Department if you parked legally.
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    • Emergencies - Dial 911
    • OCH Regional Medical Center - 662-323-4320
    • Nurselink - 1-800-882-6274 (4pm-12am on weekdays and 8am till 12 midnight on holidays and weekends.)
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    No, while we encourage students to have insurance coverage, any currently enrolled student may use our services. Your student fees entitle you to this service.
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    As a MSU student you are not charged for your office visits. All other medical procedures and supplies are available at reasonable charges. While payment is preferred at the time service is received, students may choose to transfer their charges to their student account.
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    We have six Board Certified physicians and three family nurse practitioners on our medical staff.
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    The Student Health Center is partially funded by the student fees. Your contribution supports the operational costs of the Health Center. These fees afford students access to unlimited office visits with our providers at no charge for the provider services. Other services including X-Rays, Lab Fees, Physical Therapy, Medications are charged at student rates discounted to Blue Cross / Blue Shield allowances.
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    Yes, the Student Health Center requires students/faculty/staff to provide an MSU ID at check in for all appointments.
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    Our medical staff provides comprehensive medical care that would be similar to those provided at any other family medical clinic. The Health Center will help in locating the appropriate specialist should referral be necessary.
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    Yes. The Student Health Center has two Registered Pharmacist on staff to serve you. We are members of most pharmacy plans and will process claims from our pharmacy. You will be responsible for your co-pays. Co-Pays can be paid at the time of service or can be transferred to the student account. We can make arrangements with other pharmacies and other physicians to accommodate your needs. To contact the Pharmacy call 325-8205.
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    You can get your yearly physical and/or annual gynecological exam at the Student Health Center. There are reasonable charges for these well patient services and can be billed to your insurance carrier if your plan allows for these type services. All exams require an appointment; you may call 662-325-7539 to schedule an appointment.
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