COVID-19 Information

Campus Guidance for COVID-19

Mission Statement

The mission of the Mississippi State University Student Health Services is to prevent disease where possible, if prevention is not possible then to cure, where cure is not possible to control, where control is not possible to console, but to do all of this with compassion, integrity, and respect for our patients.

Recognizing that many of the major health problems in the United States can be changed by lifestyle modification initiated during the collegiate years, we are committed to health education and behavior modification as a major source of health evaluations, preventive education, wellness assessment and personal direction.

The individual-s right to privacy, dignity, and quality care are central to our service. All individuals regardless of gender, ethnic background, position, lifestyle, or economic status will be treated the same.

Points to Remember
  • Appointment Phone Number 662-325-7539. Calling for an appointment will enhance your chances being seen promptly
  • SHC does not issue excuses for missing class
  • Gated lot is only for patients with health center business.
    Violators will be ticketed
  • A charge of $25.00 will be assessed to your account if you miss an appointment. 15 minutes late constitutes a missed appointment. (Effective October 1, 2011)
  • Patient Privacy is a priority. Family and guests accompanying patients may wait in the lobby and will be called upon if needed by the clinical staff
  • Enrolled students are not charged an office visit charge due to the health fee portion of tuition and fees.
    Note: Distance only students do not pay a health fee and can be seen at SHC, but will be charged for office visits charges.
  • If you would like SHC to file your charges to health insurance, please provide your insurance card to the staff. Charges and credits from insurance payments will go to your student account at the end of each month.
    Note: Pharmacy Card may be different than medical insurance card
  • Prescriptions transferred from other pharmacies will require one day notice.
  • You may request refills on line here
    Note: The refill request in the Patient Portal does not send the refill to the pharmacy. It requests additional refills from your physician. To request a refill from the pharmacy, please use the "Online Refills" link below.
  • For more information on handwashing, enteroviruses, and adenovirus.